Of Montreal at the Blind Tiger

by Ryan Snyder

The folk-y, low-key tone on of Montreal’s last album Lousy with Sylvianbriar has had a profound effect on their typically balls-to-the-wall live performances. For their Blind Tiger stop last May, they recruited fan club members to become willing subjects in an oddball onstage baptismal, frontman Kevin Barnes galloped through the crowd on horseback will singing “Gronlandic Edit”, and a serpentine figure in red, white and blue spent much of the show surfing over top a packed room.

Barnes stated previously that with this tour, he wanted to come across like a real band (not that their insane mix of garage pop and ’70s sex funk could ever sound like anything less). With almost a new lineup in tow, they traded much of their over-the-top theatrics for the opportunity to do just that. “Much,” however, still leaves significantly more insanity than the next band however, and even when they were engaged in the rootsy San Fran vibe of “Fugitive Air,” they were still awash in psychedelic lights with giant eyeballs roaming the stage. It just wouldn’t be an of Montreal show otherwise.