Offbeat video store becomes screening room

by Mark Burger

For years, College Hill Video in Greensboro has been a retail repository for the obscure, the unusual and the hard-to-find – and also as an impromptu roundtable for film fans and aspiring filmmakers in the area.

As the years went by, Blake Faucette and Micah Moore began applying their knowledge of movie lore into making movies of their own, with the retail aspects of the business beginning to take a back seat. With the addition of a green screen, the transition was more complete.

Last Saturday, they held an informal party to announce their new venture, All Aces Media – which is essentially the official culmination of the transition. “We’ve been making short films and music videos, and screening them here,” Faucette said. “We use the green screen all the time.”

Now so can local filmmakers. With the burgeoning independent film community in the region, Faucette and Moore figured it would be a good opportunity to network with other filmmakers. It’s simply a new direction for their entrepreneurship. “The same new direction,” Faucette said with a laugh.

“We needed a place to do our own things,” Moore said, “and we figured why not open it up for everyone to use?” (The rental rates, he noted, are “very reasonable.”)

Saturday’s get-together attracted many College Hill Video regulars, some of whom are aspiring filmmakers themselves. Others just like talking film. And a few have their own special reasons for supporting the endeavor.

“I like Blake because he gives me beer,” said Matt Williams (AKA Matt Beard). Last Saturday, there was plenty to go around.

Moore and Faucette are on track to launch their feature film, Dogs of Chinatown, this September.

All Aces Media is located right where College Hill Video was: 908 Spring Garden St. #A.

For more information about All Aces Media, go to or (which focuses on their music work). They’re currently working on a new website as well.

When he’s not chasing – or being chased by – the title terrors of Eyeborgs, which is now shooting in Winston-Salem, John S. Rushton is also the artistic director of the West Side Civic Theatre in Lewisville – a stone’s throw from the corporate headquarters of Crimson Wolf Productions, which is producing Eyeborgs.

Like many associated with Crimson Wolf’s debut feature, producer and co-star Rushton is thrilled to see Eyeborgs take flight – although the timing posed a few difficulties for him personally.

Simultaneously, he’s directing the theater’s production of Seussical, the Tony-nominated Broadway musical inspired by the characters created by Theodore Geisel (“Dr. Seuss”), which features a cast of family favorites such as the Cat in the Hat, the Grinch, and Horton (who, as the story goes, heard a Who).

“It’s funny,” he observes during a break on the Eyeborgs set. “You wait for this moment to arrive, and when it does, everything else is in motion at the same time. You have to hit the ground running and not look back. There’s no time to!”

So in between balancing the rigors of producing and acting in Eyeborgs and directing a large-scale musical like Seussical, what about quality time with his family?

“Family…? Is that who’s been calling me on my cell phone? I’ve forgotten all about them! I’d better give them a call!”

Even with killer robots breathing down his neck, John Rushton is ever the card. Hey, he’s worked with John Tesh. Would you expect anything less? He admits that doing so much simultaneously is taxing, but also exhilarating.

“When you’re actually doing it, there’s such a rush that you don’t even think about anything else. It’s only at the end of the day, when you drag yourself into bed, that you realize just how much you’ve accomplished during the day… and wonder how the hell you ever did it!”

“I suppose that one day I’ll look back on all of this and say how much fun it was – but right now I’ve got to do it!”

Then it’s back to the set and another encounter with the Eyeborgs. Not the first, and not the last.

Seussical will run through July 1. No killer robots. Just good, clean entertainment for the whole family. Hope it doesn’t rain.