One elected official’s viewpoint

by Jordan Green

‘“I am for this process. I believe in the process of reconciliation that is meaningful. I just want Greensboro to be the greatest place it can be. It has great people. It has people that are really committed to making this a better place to live. It has people that are feeling pain, and I don’t see anything wrong with saying we’re sorry.

‘“There is a place for apologies for everybody. That includes the Communist Workers Party folks, the Klan and the Nazis, and the police. We should apologize for that negligence that we never apologized for. If you do that, that’s all you can do.

‘“We can never erase it from our history. Sometimes you can take very awful and bad situations and turn them into learning situations. There’s enough apologies to go around.

‘“The court already said we did [have responsibility]. If we have never said from that finding of the court that we really regret our part in our tragedy and we have taken steps to make sure it will never happen again, then we should. I think that would be sufficient.

‘“It’s time for us to hang up those banners of hatred. You don’t have to agree with any ideology. This is one of the greatest countries in the world, but if we cannot live and accept that people have different belief systems and at least have respect for them to have [them] then I think we are on shaky ground.’”

-Yvonne Johnson, at-large Greensboro City Council member, June 2

– Jordan Green