Organix Juice Bar: Not the typical juicy juice

by Kristi Maier

| @triadfoodies

George Memory didn’t think of himself as a guy promoting raw or vegan or even juice. But a life-changing health scare changed all that two years ago. At the young age of 30, George’s wife, Jen, was diagnosed with Stage 1, Estrogen Fed breast cancer.” Memory recalls, “My wife and I weren’t health nuts. At all. We were regulars at fast food restaurants. We never looked at nutrition facts—.She had bilateral mastectomy, breast reconstruction and during her rehab, we started educating ourselves on an anti-estrogen diet, learned a lot about the dangers of soy.” Memory also happens to be Type 1 diabetic and says that throughout the process they realized the importance of what the body needs. So fast forward to today. The couple has opened Organix Juice Bar in the Ardmore neighborhood on Hawthorne Road in the space vacated by Tart Sweets, when it moved to the West End.

Organix features juice that is coldpressed, raw, organic, non-gmo and sourced locally. Memory says what sets his juice apart from other juice or even at home juicing is keeping it simple. Which is not as easy as it sounds. There are three pounds of cold-pressed fruits and vegetables in every bottle. “Traditional juice bars use 8-10 ingredients and I have found that generally confuses the tastebuds and folks will drink it just because they think it’s healthy. I’m really trying to break down that barrier and I’ve really tried to simplify these juices with just a few ingredients.”

It’s unpasteurized to get all the goodness available from the produce. Memory says, “Cold pressing is the high standard of juicing today. It minimizes the amount of oxidation or oxygen that the produce is exposed to as it’s being juiced. And because it’s such a slow process, it actually extends the shelf life while keeping those enzymes, minerals and nutrients alive.” Even today’s typical at-home juicers, by nature of how they are made, still kill some of the enzymes in the fruit or vegetable.

When you enter Organix. It’s simple, for sure. And you’ll find a solitary case somewhat full of their cold-pressed juices. And you’ll even get to enjoy a tasting if you’ve got about 10 minutes to spare. Here’s what to expect in order of progression to the benefit of your tastebuds. The juices are terrific and if you want to defile them with spirits, Memory won’t judge you one bit, as he says many of his customers use them as mixers. Here’s how our tasting went—.

The Ardmore — The refreshing one with cucumber, apple, kale and lemon.

The West End — It has a salty bite, with celery, apple, spinach and lime; reminiscent of a Bloody Mary. Except it’s green.

The Camel City — Tastes of pineapple and orange, it’s the most popular of the Organix line. It also has kale and spinach, which you will not taste and makes it great for little ones. Put it in a sippy cup and they’ll never know. You? You should drink it proudly out of the clear bottles.

The Old Salem — Beet, Swiss chard, collard greens. You get the earthiness of the veggies, but orange and lime cut it to leave a pleasing flavor.

The Dash — Carrot juice, ginger, lime, orange and turmeric. It has the most ingredients of all the juices and is a health nut’s dream with turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties. This was my favorite and the one I took home for breakfast the next day.

The Twin City — Also another popular one.This is the only one I didn’t get to try as they were sold out. Habanero pepper, kiwi and pineapple for a sweet heat. “This one is great in margaritas with tequila for a cocktail but my customers also cook with it as a marinade or stir-fry.”

The Winston — available occasionally, it changes and is what’s called their seasonal special.

Each bottle costs between $7-10, keeping in mind they act much like a meal replacement than a thirst quencher. Organix released a two-day cleanse last month which features 14 juices, equivalent to 42 pounds of vegetables and fruit. If that’s too much for you, you can always split it with someone. And you get a shirt! Memory says, “It’s a short detox program and allows your entire body to rid itself of unwanted chemicals and toxins that have built up over time.”

Organix goes through about 1500-2000 pounds of produce per week. Memory says there is one area where they make no exception. “Everything we use will always be organic. We first try source from local organic ingredients, when we can. But for produce like kiwi, pineapple and citrus that can’t grow down the street, it absolutely has to be USDA certified organic.” Oh and also, no soy in any of the baked goods and other products that you’ll find at Organix.

“It can be a challenge because it can take a while to find the products that we believe in. But we have found a baker that supplies goods that meet our standard as well as a local purveyor who makes completely organic soup, using all local ingredients. It is vacuumed sealed and is good for a year, refrigerated.” Organix also sells snack bars that are completely soyfree. And you’ll also find Asheville-based Roots Hummus if a snack of organic pita chips and hummus are what you crave. And Memory says this week they hope to begin offering a Brasstown Chocolate bar that’s all organic, right down to the cane sugar. Organix also features grass-fed beef jerky, organic coffee and the list continues to grow.

The sourcing locally and sustainably doesn’t end at the drinkable and edible goodies. In the shop you’ll find the bar tabletops and counter are all made from the same poplar tree in Winston-Salem all cut in a local saw mill. You can sit and enjoy your juice and hummus.

If you don’t live close enough to make a visit to the shop in Ardmore, you can order online at They deliver to anyone in Forsyth County on Tuesdays. !

KRISTI MAIER is a food writer, blogger and cheerleader for all things local who even enjoys cooking in her kitchen, though her kidlets seldom appreciate her efforts.


Organix Juice Bar is located at 1318 South Hawthorne Road, Winston-Salem. Hours are Monday- Saturday 6:30am-6:30pm. 336.403-2414.