Our commander in chief’s Christmas crisis

by Chuck Norris

Alas, after nearly three months of military deliberations, our commander in chief finally is coming out of the closet with his Afghan strategy. But is his plan based more upon politics than it is upon national security?

A big question that keeps coming to our minds is: How is it that President Barack Obama fast-tracks borrowing, bailouts and Obamacare but is slower than molasses when it comes to decisions regarding the military — especially this one, seeing as he basically is returning to Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s threemonth-old solution?

Some answer that military decisions are more complicated — more life and death at stake — and warrant the delay. But I genuinely believe Obama’s nearly three-month delay reflects both his leadership deficiencies and a quandary: that he cannot appease the left and simultaneously fulfill his campaign promise that he would “make the fight against al-Qaida and the Taliban the top priority that it should be.”

As I shared over a year ago while Obama was still on the campaign trail, a professional leadership and personality profile was completed on him that revealed that he implodes when in jams that require quick or solo decisions under pressure. St. John’s University and the College of St. Benedict’s Unit for the Study of Personality in Politics did this test “for anticipating Obama’s likely leadership style as chief executive, thereby providing a basis for inferring the character and tenor of a prospective Obama presidency.” The study concluded:

“The combination of Ambitious, Accommodating, and Outgoing patterns in Obama’s profile suggests a confident conciliator personalitycomposite. Leaders with this personality prototype, though self-assuredand ambitious, are characteristically gracious, considerate andbenevolent. They are energetic, charming and agreeable, with a specialknack for settling differences, favoring mediation and compromise overforce or coercion as a strategy for resolving conflict. They are drivenprimarily by a need for achievement and also have strong affiliationneeds, but a low need for power.”

Didyou catch the part about “favoring mediation and compromise over forceor coercion as a strategy for resolving conflict”? This type ofpersonality might be good for mending relations, conveying the warmfuzzies and closing a used-car deal, but it is absolutely not apositive trait for a commander in chief — who must lead throughemergency conflicts, which often require unpopular actions. In a timeof war, a commander in chief often doesn’t have significant time toponder and reflect; such a delay costs lives and impedes progress,which are exactly the prices we’ve paid over the past few months.

Longforgotten by most but a haunting reminder to me at the moment are thecampaign trail words of three leading Democrats. Obama’s own vicepresident, Joe Biden, said last year about the president’s preparationfor office: “Right now, I don’t believe he is [prepared]. Thepresidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.”And before Obama was her party’s choice, Hillary Clinton repeatedlyaccused him of being an indecisive waffler. And former President BillClinton dodged giving an affirmative answer to an ABC correspondentwhen asked whether Obama was ready to be president, by saying, “Youcould argue that no one’s ever ready to be president.”

Thismuch I know: We should either unleash the full potential of the USmilitary on Afghanistan to complete the mission as quickly as we can orpull out altogether and bring our service members home to US soil andtheir families.

PresidentObama, please quit trying to please everyone. Help our troops on theground overseas; complete this mission, or get them out of Dodge!

Mosttragically, the real aftermath of the White House delay has been arecord number of US fatalities in Afghanistan — the highest total in asix-month period in the eight years of this war. There were 24 in June,44 in July, 51 in August, 37 in September, 59 in October and 17 more inNovember.

Is anypolitical or military delay worth the death of one of those courageouswarriors? Could all the corporate bailouts together value more thanjust one of those lives? No need to rush a decision? Are you kiddingme?! Why haven’t the left and lame-stream media been crying out overthe past few months against these war casualties the way we all didwhen former President George W. Bush was in office?

Let us all pray this Christmas season for the US forces and the families of all the fallen freedom fighters.

God help our president. God help the Afghan people. God help us.

God especially help our troops.

(Ihighly recommend that as Obama’s Afghan strategy is sent out andreceived by our military personnel, we all — with our kids or grandkids— simultaneously send some form of encouragement to our troops, whetherit’s a Christmas care package through www.Give2TheTroops. org — thedeadline for which is Dec. 5 — or a free Christmas card sent via

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