by YES! Staff


Welcome to the Yes! Weekly, where we ask politicians and public servants about their jobs. this week, we address questions to members of the Winston-salem City Council regarding their closed session examination and hearing with former Winston-salem police Detective Donald r. Williams — the lead investigator in the silk Plant Forest-Jill Marker assault case — on June 11. the rules are simple: no research, no callbacks.


1. Who was the Winston-salem Police Chief at the time of the silk Plant Forest-Jill Marker assault?

2. What year did the assault on Jill Marker occur?

3. How many years has kalvin Michael smith served for the Jill Marker assault and the armed robbery of the silk Plant Forest shop?

4. What is the maximum sentence smith could serve for the crime?

Correct Answers

1. George sweatt

2. 1995

3. 12 years, 5 months

4. 28 years, 11 months

CitY CounCilMan Dan Besse, soutHWest WarD a

1. linDa Davis

2. 1995 ü

3. 12 ü –

4. 20 to 25 Years

CitY CounCilWoMan evelYn terrY, soutHeast WarD

1. GeorGe sWeatt ü

2. 1995 or 1996 ü –

3. 16 Years

4. 23 Years

CitY CounCilMan roBert Clark, West WarD

1. GeorGe sWeatt ü

2. 1995 ü

3. 13 Years ü –

4. 22 Years

Shame: the following city council members did not respond to this week’s Pop Quiz: Wanda Merschel, northwest Ward; Joycelyn Johnson, east Ward; nelson Malloy, north Ward.