Welcome to the YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, where we ask politicians and public servants about their jobs. This week, we ask members of the Winston-salem city council questions about a resolution the council passed unanimously during its July 6 meeting that establishes a citizen review committee to oversee construction and operations of the new downtown ballpark.


1. True or false: The city if Winston-salem has secured a $12.7 million loan from BB&T to help fund completion of the downtown ballpark?

2. The city council resolution calls for the citizen review committee to be composed of how many members?

3. The resolution states that committee members should represent a cross-section of the city and come from six areas of expertise. Name three of those six areas of expertise.

Correct Answers

1. False. mayor Allen Joines has stated that Denise Bell, the city’s chief financial officer, is currently shopping the city’s loan with a number of financial institutions to find the best interest rate.

2. 11

3. six areas of expertise: (1) Institutional or commercial construction; (2) engineering/architecture; (3) financial management; (4) banking; (5) sports management; and (6) marketing/promotions.

Dan Besse, southwest ward:

1. FAlse [ ]

2. 11 [ ]

3. BANkING/ FINANcIAl mANAGemeNT, coNsTrucTIoN, sPorTs mANAGemeNT. [ ]

Roobert Clark, west ward:

1. FAlse [ ]

2. 11 [ ]

3. BANkING, coNsTrucTIoN, FINANce, mArkeTING AND sAles. [ ]

Vivian Burke, northeast ward:

1. I’m NoT GoING To TAke A PoP QuIz. [X]

2. [X]

3. [X]

Shame: The following council members did not return calls: mayorAllen Joines; Joycelyn Johnson, molly Leight, Nelson malloy and Wandamerschel.