Welcome to the YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, in which we ask politicians and public servants about their jobs. This week we look at three laws passed by the NC General Assembly, addressing questions to members of the Forsyth and Guilford delegations.

The rules are simple: No research, no callbacks.


1. House Bill 2 prohibits smoking in which areas?

2. Under the NC Racial Justice Act, what evidence constitutes proof of racial discrimination, which a defendant is 3. required to present to be considered for a death sentence commutation?

3. True or false: The School Violence Prevention Act includes sexual orientation as one of its protected categories.

Correct Answers

1. State government buildings, and in restaurants and bars.

2. Evidence that death sentences were sought or imposed significantly more frequently upon persons of one race than upon persons of another race; that death sentences were sought or imposed significantly more frequently as punishment for capital offenses against persons of one race than as punishment of capital offenses against persons of another race; and that race was a significant factor in decisions to exercise peremptory challenges during jury selection. 3. True

Rep. LaRRy BRown (R-FoRsyth)

1. It prohibits smoking in everything except cigar bars and private clubs, things like that. Public buildings are banned. Restaurants are banned. [ ]

2. I think what they do is they have to bring statistical evidence that there’s been some sort of racial bias toward a defendant. If Guilford County is giving the death sentence to more black folks than white folks in proportion to the crime, then there could be a potential for racial bias. [ ]

3. It does now. [ ]

Rep. Maggie JeFFus (D-guiLFoRD):

1. In restaurants and bars. [ ]

2. I think it has to do with statistics in certain areas dealing with the population and the number of people convicted and the sentences they have been given and whether that is discriminatory or not as far as the evidence is concerned. [ ]

3. True. [ ]

Rep. LaRRy woMBLe (D-FoRsyth)

1. In all areas except cigar bars and private clubs. [X]

2. They have to present the statistics about whether race was a factor. And the judge will make the decision. [ ]

3. Yes. [ ]