Welcome to the YES! Weekly Pop Quiz. In recognition of early voting for the Greensboro municipal primary election, which is now underway, we address questions to candidates for Greensboro City Council. The rules are simple: No research, no callbacks.


1. How much money has the Greensboro Transit Authority received this year from the federal government through the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act?

2. Name one of the entities that were approved on Sept. 15 for economic incentives from voter-approved Economic Development Bonds. Bonus points for identifying the individual owners of one of the companies.

3. How many arrests have been made at the benches along the Downtown Greenway in the Warnersville neighborhood since residents began complaining about prostitution and other acts of dereliction?

Correct Answers

1. $5.4 million

2. Pierre A. and Carolyn E. Goria, Sears McConnell Properties LLC and DDC Investments. Bonus: David H. Griffin Sr. and David H. Griffin Jr. are the owners of DDC Investments.

3. None

Nettie Coad, District 2 candidate

1. I don’t know the answer because I don’t have access to Channel 13. [X]

2. I didn’t see the meeting. [X]

3. I doubt any have because they’ve got cameras up there. [ ]

Dan Fischer, District 2 candidate

1. I honestly don’t know. [X]

2. Let’s see. You would have to quiz me on this. Take a stab in the dark and say it has to do with the swimming pool. [X]

3. I don’t believe any has. [ ]

George Hartzman, District 3 candidate

1. I don’t know. [X]

2. Ah dude, I wasn’t there. [X]

3. How would I know that? No guess. I wasn’t at the meeting. [X]