Welcome to the YES! Weekly Pop Quiz where we ask elected officials about their jobs. This week, we address questions to Winston-Salem City Council members about business discussed at its Sept. 21 meeting. The rules are simple: No research, no callbacks.


1. The 2009-2010 state budget eliminates which competency tests as requirements for receiving a high school diploma?

2. The Competency Test in Math and Reading was first introduced as a requirement for graduation under the administration of what North Carolina governor?

3. True or false: Students who were denied high school diplomas in the past because they did not pass these tests may petition local education authorities for diplomas.

Correct Answers

1. The Computer Skills Test and the Competency Test in Reading and Math 2. Jim Hunt 3. True

Sen. Pete Brunstetter (R-Forsyth)

1. I don’t know. [X] 2. Probably Hunt. [ ] 3. I would guess true on that. [ ]

*A member of Sen. Katie Dorsett’s staff said she was unavailable at the time of the Pop Quiz. Rep. Larry Womble was traveling in Africa. Rep. Pricey Harrison was in Washington, DC advocating for the Kerry/ Boxer climate bill. Calls to all other members of the Forsyth and Guilford delegations went unreturned.

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