Welcome to the YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, where we ask elected officials about their jobs. This week, in anticipation of the opening of the International Civil Rights Center and Museum on Feb. 1, we address questions to members of the Greensboro City Council about the sit-ins. The rules are simple: no research, no callbacks.


1. Name one of the original four NC A&T College students who took seats at the Woolworth lunch counter on Feb. 1, 1960.

2. What student civil rights organization was founded at a conference at Shaw University in Raleigh less than three months after the launch of the Greensboro sit-ins?

3. How many months did it take for Woolworth to be desegregated? (safe harbor of 2)

Robbie Perkins, at-large

1. Franklin McCain [ ]

2. I have no idea. [X]

3. Who knows. [X]

Danny Thompson, at-large

1. Okay. One was Williams. And was one McCain? [ -]

2. The Black Panthers [X]

Shame: The following council members did not return calls for this Pop Quiz: Mayor Bill Knight, Mayor Pro Tem Nancy Vaughan, District 1 Councilwoman

Correct Answers

3. Eight months [ ]

Jim Kee, District 2

1. Oh, good Lord. I’m going to miss that one. I’m embarrassed about that. [X]

2. Boy, I’m batting a thousand. I would say the African-American Student Organization. [X]

3. Six months. [ ] Dianne Bellamy-Small, District 3 Councilman Zack Matheny, District 4 Councilwoman Mary Rakestraw and District 5 Councilwoman Trudy Wade

Correct Answers

1. Franklin McCain, Ezell Blair Jr. (now Jibreel Khazan), Joseph McNeil and David Richmond

2. The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, or SNCC (pronounced“snick”)

3. Six