Welcome to the YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, where we ask elected officials about their jobs. This week, we direct questions to members of the Greensboro City Council. The rules are simple: no research, no callbacks.


1. What is the size of the city of Greensboro’s projected deficit for FY 2010-11?

2. What is the amount of proposed bond spending scheduled for FY 2010-11?

And what amount of bond spending is considered “tax-rate neutral”?

3. How does Greensboro get out of this mess?

Robbie Perkins, at-large

1. $11 million [ ]

2. It’s $96 million; $50 million [ ]

3. You look at a combination of things. You… work on operating deficiencies. Now’s the time to right-size your operation. The second thing you do is you look at smoothing out the cash flow on the proposed debt. The revenue-neutral is piece is 50, but what they didn’t tell us is that they could smooth that out and run it up to $96 million or close to that. [ ]

Danny Thompson, at-large

1. A little over a $11 million [ ]

2. There is a total of $96 million. That’s where it was at $50 million. [ ]

3. We’ve got to quit spending; that’s the bottom line. Same as the federal government.[ ]

Zack Matheny, District 3

1. I had it at 11 and a half million. [ ]

2. $96 million; $50 million [ ]

3. Our individual departments have to look within and see what areas without harming quality of life for our citizens where we can reduce our budgets, making sure the total budget is allocated according to the needs of the citizens of Greensboro. The state hopefully they won’t cut us back anymore. The county, I hope they won’t cut us back anymore, specifically with regard to the library. [ ]

Correct Answers

1. 11.2 million

2. $96 million; $50 million

3. God help us.