Welcome to the YES! W’eekly Pop Quiz, where we ask politicians and elected officials about their jobs. This week, we address questions to the Winston-Salem City Council regarding their April 19 meeting. The rules are simple: No research, no callbacks.


1. At Monday’s meeting, the council considered a resolution supporting the NC League of Municipalities’ efforts regarding annexation. True or false? The NC League of Municipalities policy states that citizens being annexed get a vote in the process.

2. The city council considered a resolution regarding charging residents a fee for the collection, transportation and processing of what type of materials?

3. The city council considered an amendment to its current policy regarding meetings stating that only the mayor, mayor pro tem or a majority of the council can call a special meeting provided they give a minimum of how many hours’ notice to all council members?

Mayor Allen Joines:

1. True. [X]

2. Recyclable materials. [ ]

3. 48 hours. [ ]

James Taylor, Southeast Ward:

1. False. [ ]

2. Recyclable materials [ ]

3. Five days [X]

DD Adams, North Ward:

1. False. [ ]

2. Recycling [ ]

3. I don’t know — three days. [X]

Correct Answers

1. False

2. Recyclable materials

3. 48 hours