by YES! Weekly staff

Welcome to the YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, where we ask elected officials about their jobs. This week, we ask members of the Greensboro City Council about their jobs. The rules are simple: no research, no callbacks.


1. What is the amount of the tax decrease and water-rate increase n the budget approved by the council on June 15?

2. What is the purpose of the special meeting scheduled for Tuesday? 3. True or false: The council voted on June 15 to remove a street connectivity ratio from the new Land Development Ordinance?

Robbie Perkins, at large

1. 0.25 cent; 6 percent, assuming we do the deal to terminate the city-county water program, and we’re going to do that. [ ] 2. It’s at 3 o’clock it’s going to consider the contract to extend water and sewer to the elementary school on Alamance Church Road. [ -] 3. Yes. [ ]

Danny Thompson, at large 1. A quarter-cent; 6 percent [ ] 2. To decide if we’re going to put forth the water piping for the Alamance Elementary. [ ] 3. It is true that we voted to remove the connectivity ratio from the ordinance. [ ]

Zack Matheny, District 3 1. It was a quarter cent. I used that… what do you with your wife? Compromised. 6 percent. [ ]

2. That was my idea. That’s to discuss the water sewer agreement that the city and the county have jointly. I gave the city staff a week to get in touch with the county staff to figure out what we do with the water dissolution agreement, and also the water line were running out to the school. [ ] 3. Both. Because, one we didn’t, and then Robbie Perkins changed it, and then we did. The answer you’re looking for is true. [ ]

Correct Answers

1. 1/4 cent tax decrease and 6 percent water-rate increase

2. Consideration of a resolution approving a contract with Triangle Grading and Paving for the Southeast School Road Water Line Extension/Construction Project to serve Alamance Elementary.

3. True