by Jordan Green

Welcome to this week’s YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, where we ask elected officials about their jobs. This week, we include candidates in the running, focusing on contenders for state legislative seats in Forsyth and Guilford counties. The rules are simple: no research, no callbacks.


1. How much money did North Carolina schools recently receive from the federal government through a Race to the Top grant?

2. What is the state of North Carolina’s current unemployment rate?

3. What is the projected revenue shortfall for fiscal year 2010-11?

Don Vaughan, Democratic NC Senate District 27 candidate (i)

1. $400 million [ ] 2. I think it’s right about roughly 10 to 11 percent. [ -] 3. I think its’ between $3 billion to $3.6 billion. [ ]

John Magee, Republican NC House District 72 candidate

1. I saw the headline, to be honest, but I guess I didn’t pay that much attention. I know it was in the millions, but I don’t what number it was. [X] 2. I believe it’s over 11 percent. [X] 3. At least 500 million level. [ ]

Christina Vasquez, Democratic NC House District 74 candidate

1. I don’t know, but I think it’s over 50 million. [ -] 2. They said it’s like 10 percent. [ ] 3. I’ll go with the highest number. [ ]

Correct Answers

1. $400 million (approximate)

2. 9.8 percent

3. $702.9 million, if you go by the number put out by the number put out by the state government’s Fiscal Research Division; or $3.3 billion to $7 billion, if you trust the conservative John Locke Foundation