Welcome to this week’s YES! Weekly Pop Quiz. This week’s questions are directed to the Guilford County School Board in reference to Superintendent Mo Green’s budget proposal. The rules are simple: No research, no callbacks.


1. What is the superintendent’s preferred option for closing the budget gap?

2. What is the superintendent’s last resort for closing the budget gap?

3. How much additional funding is the superintendent requesting from the county for operations? Bonus points for correctly naming how much the superintendent is requesting from the county for capital outlay.

Chairman Alan Duncan, District 4

1. [Declined to participate] [X] 2. [Declined to participate] [X] 3. [Declined to participate] [X]

Ed Price, District 2

1. Obviously the reduction of approximately a hundred different positions. Suppos edly we’re saving $700,000 with this new busing system we’ve got. [X] 2. I guess the last resort would be you’re going to have to lay off more teachers… custodians and things like that. I hope it doesn’t come to that. [X] 2. I forgot the exact two figures. We were asking for $8 [million] or $9 million more. Part was capital improve ment and part was operating. We’re not going to get either one. [X]

Paul Daniels, District 5

1. Using the $13.1 million for EdJobs. [ ] 2. The two-day furlough. [ ] 3. I think it’s $5.4 million; I’m thinking the number’s $7 million. [ ]

Correct Answers

1. Use $13.2 million in federal stimulus Education Job Funds. * 2. Implement a salary reduction for school system employees earning $35,000 or more through a two-day furlough. 3. $5.1 million; bonus: $7 million * * All answers within 10 percent are acceptable.

SHAME LIST The following board members did not return calls: Nancy Routh, Sandra Alexander, Darlene Garrett, Jeff Belton, Kris Cooke, Deena Hayes and Amos Quick.