Welcome to this week’s YES! Weekly Pop Quiz. This week’s questions are directed to members of the Winston-Salem City Council in reference to its April 18 meeting. The rules are simple: No research, no callbacks.


1.Council previously approved purchasing equipment for economic development assistance for Caterpillar, Inc. What is the source for the Grant?

2.True or false: A resolution was recently approved to require appropriate and verifiable goals for participation by minority and women owned businesses in building construction contracts where the estimated cost is $900,000 or more.

3.In the school resource officer agreement, what is the duration of the plan approved for the provision of providing school resource officers to all middle and high schools in Winston- Salem: a) four, b) five or c) six

Robert Clark, West Ward 1.Golden LEAF [ ] 2.False [ ] 3.a) four [ ]

Derwin L. Montgomery, East Ward 1.Golden LEAF Foundation [ ] 2.False [ ] 3.a) four [ ]

Dan Besse, Southwest Ward 1.Golden LEAF Foundation [ ] 2.False [ ] 3.b) five [ ]

Correct Answers

1.Golden LEAF Foundation

2.False ($300,000)

3.a) and b) are both counted as correct answers as the agreement will be executed in three phases and consisting of both four and five-year plans.