Welcome to this week’s YES! Weekly Pop Quiz where we ask elected officials about their jobs. This week’s questions are directed to members of the Greensboro City Council. The rules are simple: No research, no callbacks.


1. What time on June 15 did the city announce a “mutual separation agreement” between City Attorney J. Rita Danish and the city council? 2. What is the purpose of National Dump the Pump Day, which fell on June 16? 3. True or false: Greensboro residents and business owners are invited to participate in a program designed to reduce energy costs called the BetterBuildings program?

Nancy Vaughan, mayor pro tem 1. I think I had it was 4:58 or something like that. [ ] 2. Is that where you’re not supposed to buy gas today? [ ] 3. Correct. [ ]

Robbie Perkins, at large 1. 4:59. [ ] 2. That means you walk or bicycle or whatever to work. [ ] 3. True. [ ]

Zack Matheny, District 3 1. I don’t know. In the afternoon? [ -] 2. I have no idea. [X] 3. True. [ ]

Correct Answers

1. 4:59 p.m. (all answers within five minutes scored correct) 2. To encourage people to use public transportation (all answers scored correct) 3. True.