Welcom e to this week ’s Y E S! We ekly Pop Quiz, in w hich we a sk ele c te d of f icial s ab out their jobs. T his week ’s questions are direc te d to m embers of the Winston-Salem Cit y  Council. T he r ule s are simple: No research, no callb ack s.


1. What is the highest amount that a retired police officer can receive in retirement benefits as a percentage of her final salary? 2. Name one of the recreation centers that is hosting a teen night on Fridays through Aug. 3. 3. Name one of the nonprofits with which the city of Winston-Salem is interested in collaborating to finance Sunday bus service.

Mayor Pro Tem Vivian Burke, Northeast Ward 1. I never repeat a figure that deals with money. I always direct them to the appropriate staff person. [X] 2. Rupert Bell, Carver, Russell community center. [X] 3. One of them would be Novant and Baptist. [ ]

Robert Clark, West Ward 1. I’d say 100 percent. [X] 2. Hanes Rec Center I know. [X] 3. The hospitals. [ ]

Dan Besse, Southwest Ward 1. I believe they can draw an income with combined pensions that’s higher than salary. [ -] 2. Fourteenth Street and Martin Luther King would be another. The third is polo. [ ] 3. Forsyth Medical Center. [ ]


1. 110 percent 2. 14 th Street Recreation Center, Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center and Polo Park Recreation Center are acceptable answers. 3. Baptist Hospital, Forsyth Medical Center (Novant Health) and the hospitals are acceptable answers.