Welcome to this week’s YES! Weekly Pop Quiz where we ask elected officials about their jobs. This week we address questions to candidates for NC House running in Forsyth and Guilford county districts. The rules are simple: No research, no callbacks.


1. True or false: The voter ID legislation passed by the General Assembly has been enacted into state law. 2. Survivors of forced sterilization were hopeful that the General Assembly would pass legislation to  provide compensation. How did the House and Senate handle this issue? 3. What will be your number-one priority, if elected to the NC House?

Marcus Brandon, D em o crat  r unnin g unopposed,  D istric t 60 1. T hat is fal se. [ ] 2. We p a ssed it out of the  House, and the Senate faile d to put the f unds in the  budget. [ ] 3. Ur b an e conomic developm  ent. [ ]

John Blus t, Republican  in cumbent, Distric t 62 1. No resp onse — declined to  p ar ticip ate. [X] 2. No resp onse. [X] 3. No resp onse. [X]

Kent Wil sey, L ib er tarian  challen ger, Distric t 62 1. I don’t b elieve that’s tr ue. [ ]2. I don’t k now. [X] 3. M y number- one priorit y is  reducin g the size and scope  of our s tate gover nm ent,  p r ticularly doin g away commission and b oards that are stifling the s tate’s e conomy and are e x p ensi ve. [ ]