by Jordan Green

Welcome to this week’s YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, in which we ask elected officials questions relevant to their jobs. This week’s questions are addressed to members of the Guilford County Commission. The rules are simple: No research, no callbacks.


1. Name one state legislature race in which a candidate is running unopposed in the general election. 2. Name four Guilford County high schools. 3. If you were living on a deserted island and could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Bruce Davis, District 1

1. Trudy Wade. [X] 2. Andrews, High Point Central, Southern Guilford, Page. [ ] 3. I would take apples. [ ]

Paul Gibson, serving at large, running in District 5

1. Pricey Harrison. [ ]2. Eastern, Page, Dudley, Smith. [ ] 3. Banana pudding. [ ]

Kay Cashion, District 6

1. [Declined to participate] [X] 2. [Declined to participate] [X] 3. [Declined to participate] [X]


1. Pricey Harrison in House District 57, Jon Hardister in House District 59, Marcus Brandon in House District 60 and Gladys Robinson in Senate District 28 in Guilford County. 2. Multiple correct answers. 3. No wrong answers, except anchovies.