Welcome to this week’s YES! Weekly pop quiz where we ask elected officials or candidates three questions. This week’s questions were addressed candidates for Guilford County School Board and were asked on Monday. The rules are simple: No research, no callbacks.


1. Name one high school principal and which school they work at. 2. True or false: there are more than 15 public middle schools in Guilford County. 3. How many students does the school system serve?

Linda Welborn, District 5 (unopposed)

Linda Welborn, District 5 (unopposed) Southeast would be Blanchard. [ ]

True. [ ]

It’s around 72 or 73,000. [ ]

Pat Tillman, at large challenger Bob Christina at High Point Central. [ ]

True.[ ] Roughly 72,000 and some change. [ ]

Amos Quick, District 9 (unopposed) Jesse Pratt at Dudley High School. [ ]

True. [ ] 72,200 [ ]


(according to the Guilford County Schools website) Multiple correct answers True. There are 22. 73,000.