Welcom e to this week ’s YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, in w hich we a sk ele c te d of f icial s three questions ab out their jobs. T his week ’s questions  were addressed to m embers of the Winston- Salem Cit y Council. T he r ule s are simple: no research, no callb ack s.


1. Name one of the rezoning items on the agenda for Monday’s meeting. 2. True or false: A protest petition was filed in the zoning petition for Deacon Rental Properties. 3. What controversial issue could be affected by the city council’s decision on requirements for school stadiums in Growth Management Area 2?

Mayor Allen Joines 1. One for the Masonic temple over on Miller Street. [ ] 2. True. [ ] 3. The proposed Reynolds High School football stadium. [ ]

Molly Leight, South Ward 1. The one that is of great interest that was withdrawn or continued the area off across from Assembly of God. That is one that is drawing passionate opinion on both sides. [ ] 2. Yes. That’s the same one. [ ] 3. I guess the one that I most worry about is that much impervious surface right above Peters Creek — environmental issues. [ ] *

Dan Besse, Southwest Ward 1. The Masonic temple. [ ] 2. Yes, they did. [ ] 3. That would be proposed Reynolds High stadium. [ ]


1. Multiple items 2. True 3. The site of the new proposed Reynolds High School stadium * Although not the answer we were looking for, scored correctly to reflect conscientious thinking by respondent.