Welcome to this week’s YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, in which we ask elected officials three questions relevant to their jobs. This week’s questions are addressed to the Winston-Salem City Council in advance of the Monday meeting. The rules are simple: No research, no callbacks.


1. Name an item on the agenda.

2. Current state law allows the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation to impose a 5 percent tax on vehicle rentals to provide revenue for regional transit. The legislative package under consideration by the council would allow the tax on vehicle rentals to increase to what rate?

2. What two actions is the council considering with regards to the Thirty-Six East Apartments and Thirty-Six East Extension in the Northeast Ward?

Dan Besse, Southwest Ward

1. London Lane sidewalks. [ ]

2. 8 percent. [ ]

3. That would have to be the city’s debt restructuring and sale. [ -]

Denise D. Adams, North Ward

1. The money for the research park and finishing up the Creative Corridor. [ ]

2. 2 percent higher. [X]

3. Refinancing for the owners for the Frontiers CDC [SIC] so they can do some things with it: rehab, repairs, generally taking over the property. [ ]

James Taylor, Southeast Ward

1. We’ve got the legislative packet that should be on tonight. [ ]

2. Ah, shucks. I’m familiar with what you’re talking about. I’m don’t recall the rate…. Let’s say 10. [X]

3. I’m just not recalling that. [X]


1. The legislative agenda, funding for streetcaping of the Salem Creek Connector (part of the Creative Corridor project) and a request by London Lane residents to be exempted from sidewalk construction were among the items on the agenda.

2. 8 percent, or 3 percent higher

3. Giving the properties to a community-development corporation (specifically New Frontier CDC) and forgiving the debt (“refinancing” and “debt restructuring” are acceptable euphemisms, considering that the interest-free debt remains on the books for seven years, and is forgiven only on condition that the owner makes upgrades sufficient to bring the properties up to minimum housing standards.)