Welcome to this week ’s YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, in which we ask elected of ficials or candidates three questions. This week ’s questions were addressed to the Greensboro City Council, and we asked the Winston-Salem City Council the same questions last week.The rules are simple: No research, no callback s. All answers are scored correct this week.


1. What is your resolution for the new year? 2. What is your proudest achievement of the past year? 3. What was your biggest regret in 2012?

Nanc y Vaughan, at large 1. I guess I’m not going to be ver y creative but it’s to lose some weight. [ ] 2. I think I’ve had a really productive year. I’m proud of the work I’ve done on substandard housing and for the work I’ve done investigating the finances for GPAC. [ ] 3. [Laughing] That I didn’t keep my resolution for 2012 to lose weight. [ ]

Marikay Abuzuaiter, at large 1. To be able to return e-mails and phone calls quicker. [ ] 2. Working with the council to get the resolution against Citizens United and being par t of the team [with the resolution] against Amendment One. [ ] 3. That I couldn’t attend ever y function that I was invited to. We want to be at ever y thing but it’s just impossible. [ ]

Nanc y Hof fmann, District 4 1. I don’t normally make resolutions. If I really have a resolution out there it’s just to continue to be open and available to people and work as hard as I can. [ ] 2. I feel really good about our ultimate resolution of the municipal solid waste contract… and coupled with that, the new contract with ReCommunity for rec ycling… and the test program to eliminate mattresses and box springs from our [waste stream]. [ ] 3. When I’ve used all of my powers of persuasion and facts… and I can’t convince people to my opinion, but I respect that of course. [ ]