by Eric Ginsburg

Welcome to this week’s YES! Weekly Pop Quiz where we ask elected officials or candidates three questions. This week’s questions were addressed to member of the the Guilford County Commission on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The rules are simple: No research, no callbacks.


1. What’s one way we can carry on Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy? 2. Fill in the blank: Dr. King played a role in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Bus Boycott to protest segregation. 3. When did the Greensboro sit-ins begin (full date)?

Bruce Davis, Democrat, District 1

1. I think the majority of the community, those who have more, if we made it our business to help the folks who don’t have, through jobs and any way that we can help a person to help themselves. [ ] 2. Montgomery. [ ] 3. I know we celebrate it Feb. 1 and I am not sure when they actually started. [X]

Alan Branson, Republican, District 4

1. The celebration and the parade throughout the day. [ ] 2. You’ve got me. [X] 3. I can’t tell you that either. I think it was ’71 or ’72. [X]

Ray Trapp, Democrat, District 8

1. I think by being tolerant. That’s what I like to carry on. [ ] 2. Montgomery. [ ] 3. Feb. 1. I’m going to say 1960 something — let’s go with ’62. [ -]