Welcome to this week’s YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, where we ask elected officials three questions. This week’s questions were addressed to members of the Forsyth County Commission in advance of their Monday meeting. The rules are simple: No research, no callbacks.


1. Name something on the agenda for the commissioners meeting on Monday. 2. Name the project that is the product of collaboration between Forsyth and Guilford counties at Triad Park. 3. The commission is considering accepting $178,200 from the NC Department of Commerce for future payment in economic incentives funds to what company?

Mark Baker, Republican, District B

 1. We’ve got a public hearing for a zoning amendment for a property on Ridgewood Road, resolutions that we have to pass that allow different departments to apply for grants, and committee appointments. [ ] 2. Carolina Field of Honor. [ ] 3. That one I don’t know. [X]

Dave Plyler, Republican, District B

1. We’re going to have a resolution funding the tax office to authorize payment for a new software system. We’re also going to do the appointments to the Centerpoint board, Juvenile Crime Prevention Council, the Nursing Home [Community Advisory Committee. We’re going to authorize an agreement between Forsyth and Guilford to help get a grant for the Triad Park veterans memorial called the Field of Honor. [ ] 2. Triad Field of Honor. [ ] 3. That’s pass-through money for Herbalife. [X]

Everette Witherspoon, Democrat, District A

1. I can’t even think of nothing. I’m working so hard. But when I get there I’ll know. [X] 2. Centennial something. [X] 3. I’m not sure what it is. [X]


1. A rezoning request on Ridgewood Road, committee appointments, and authorizing an agreement between Forsyth and Guilford counties and the War Memorial Foundation to build a veterans memorial at Triad Park are all acceptable answers. 2. The Carolina Field of Honor or a veterans memorial (either answer is acceptable) 3. TurboCare