Welcome to this week’s pop quiz where we ask elected officials or candidates three questions. This week’s questions were addressed to the Greensboro City Council. The rules are simple: No research, no callbacks.


1. True or false: city staff recommended council adopt changes to the minimum housing code ordinance that would strengthen penalties for non-compliance and implement pro-active enforcement efforts. 2. Name one item on the agenda for tomorrow’s council meeting.3. Have you voted in YES! Weekly’s annual Triad Best awards yet?

Yvonne Johnson. Mayor Pro Tem

1. Council really directed staff to come up with some of that. Yes. [ ] 2. We are doing a resolution for Skip Alston. One of the items I think Jim Kee put on is in reference to the road at the A&T nanocenter. [ ] 3. No I haven’t yet. I will though. [ ]

Nancy Vaughan, at large

1. Yes. [ ] 2. We’re having a report on GPAC tomorrow. [ ] 3. I have not yet but I will. [ ]

Tony Wilkins, District 5, declined to participate because he was too busy.


True Multiple correct answers No wrong answer.