Welcome to this week’s Pop Quiz, where we ask elected officials or candidates three questions about their jobs. This week we addressed the Greensboro City Council. The rules are simple: No research, no callbacks.:


1. Name an item on the agenda for tonight’s meeting 2. Representatives from what organization are visiting the Greensboro Coliseum today for an evaluation? 3. How many estimated new jobs will the recently approved Proctor &Gamble expansion bring to Greensboro?

Nancy Hoffmann, District 4

1. We have the financial performance and operating model from the task force and through our city finance department. [ ] 2. It’s for the Olympic skating trials. [X] 3. Two-hundred at salaries of around $52,000 and benefits of around $28,000 which makes them $80,000 packages. [ +]

Nancy Vaughan, at large

1. Were going to have a staff presentation on the performing arts center. [ ] 2. The Olympic trials — the swimming. [ ] 3. 200. [ ]

Robbie Perkins, mayor

1. We might have a little bit of performing arts center discussion. [ ] 2. The 2016 Olympic trials for swimming. [ ] 3. 200. [ ]


1. “Good repair” ordinance for downtown properties, proposed downtown performing arts center, grant for Southeastern Building redevelopment are all among acceptable answers 2. USA Swimming 3. 200