by YES! Weekly staff

Welcome to the YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, where we ask politicians and public servants about their jobs. This week, we investigate how well Winston-Salem city councilors and Forsyth County commissioners prepare for meetings. The rules are simple: The officials must answer immediately — no research and no callbacks.

QUESTION: Name one item on the agenda for today’s public safety committee or county commission meeting.

Molly Leight (Winston- Salem City Council, South Ward)

I’ll name the two on our general agenda, one is the Project Reentry, the other we’ll be briefed on but I don’t guess we’ll take any action because it’s too impor tant is the subpoena request. Oh you better believe we study, or at least I study. (correct)

Vivian H. Burke (Winston- Salem City Council, Northeast Ward)

We have a couple big items on the agenda today. We’ve got the Silk Forest Plant information and we’re going to be talking about the Reentry Project. We’re talking about how the city can be an example to other businesses to start giving jobs to people. (correct)

Debra Conrad (Forsyth County Commission, District B)

We have some zoning cases and we’re talking about some expenditures for the school system related to the 2006 bond referendum. (correct : Rural Hall elementary was funded by the 2006 school bonds).

Walter Marshall (Forsyth County Commission, District A)

There are no real big issues on the agenda tonight, no major hot button issues. The routine stuff is the City/County Utilities Commission report, some stuff that’s already been approved for the schools, some stuff for the sheriff’s office. It’s all stuff we’ve been over several times. (correct)


Winston-Salem City Council Public Safety Committee: Northwest Piedmont Project Reentry, Silk Plant Forest Committee subpoena request, adjustments to speed limits on several city streets, certificates of public convenience for limo service, adjustment to police facility construction contract.

Forsyth County Commission: Educational facilities bonds, Rural Hall Elementary School adjustments, UNC-Chapel Hill Weight-Wise program, grant funds for HIV/STD testing, Teen Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Initiative, Homeland Security equipment transfer, donation of surplus property to Goodwill, roofing at Centerpoint buildings, domestic violence unit, Home Investment Partnership Program, Down-Payment Initiative, fuel surcharge adjustment for waste haulers, human resources reports, tax assessor’s report, City/County Utilities Commission resolution.