by YES! Weekly staff

Welcome to the YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, where we ask politicians and public servants about their jobs. This week we take to the streets of High Point — or in this case the Oak Hollow Mall — to ask regular people some basic questions about the NC gubernatorial race and US congressional race. The rules are simple: no research, no callbacks.


1) Who is running for governor of North Carolina this year? )2 Who is running to represent your US congressional district this year? 3) Are you registered to vote?

Barbara Taylor; High Point; director, High Point Museum
1) Bev Perdue and Pat McCrory ( -) 2) I don’t have a clue. (X) 3) Yes. ( )
Muhammed Saleem; High Point; retail salesman

1) Mike Easley (X)

2) No, I have no clue. I know who is running for president. Vote for the Democrat. (X)

3) Yes. ( )

Mark Southards; High Point; cashier, Preacher Steve’s Leathers

1) Actually, I don’t — is it Bev Perdue, maybe? ( -)

2) In my district, no I don’t. (X)

3) Yes. ( )


1) Democrat Bev Perdue, Republican Pat McCrory, Libertarian Michael Munger

2) District 6: Republican Howard Coble (I), Democrat Teresa Sue Bratton; District 12: Democrat Mel Watt (I), Republican Ty Cobb Jr..

3) We certainly hope