by YES! Weekly staff

Welcome to the YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, where we ask politicians and public servants about their jobs. This week we address questions to candidates for Guilford County Commission to find out how much they know about their constituents. The rules are simple: no research, no callbacks.


1) What is the most recent population estimate for Guilford County? (20,000 safe harbor)

2) What percentage of Guilford County families are estimated to live in poverty? (1 percentile safe harbor)

3) What percentage of Guilford County’s population is estimated to be Hispanic? (1 percentile safe harbor)

Paul Gibson, at-large candidate, Democratic incumbent

1) 450,000 [√]

2) 20 percent [X]

3) 8 percent [X]

John Parks, at-large candidate, Democratic incumbent

1) 450 [thousand] [√]

2) 10 percent [√]

3) 8 percent [X]

Wendell Sawyer, at-large candidate, Republican challenger

1) You know what? I guess I receive an F on that. I

couldn’t begin to tell you. [X]

2) Give me an F on that, too. [X]

3) I’d just give you a rough estimate. I would say

8 percent. [X]

Paul Elledge, at-large candidate, Libertarian challenger

1) 430 something? [X]

2) 16 [X]

3) I want to say about 15 percent. [X]

Kirk Perkins, District 4 candidate, Democratic incumbent

1) I hadn’t seen it recently. It should be 450 or 455

[thousand]. [√]

2) I’m thinking 15 percent. [X]

3) Gosh, that’s a tough one there. I would say 5

percent. [√]

Eddie Souther, District 4 candidate, Republican challenger

1) About 430,000, I think. That’s what it was in

2000. [The Census records the county’s population

in 2000 as 421,048.] [X]

2) Almost 15 percent, 14.7 [The candidate later

said he was referring to individuals living in

poverty, which the Census estimated at 14.8 percent in

2006] [√-] 3) The Hispanic population is about 5.7 to 6

percent. [X]


1) 465,931 (US Census

American Community

Survey, 2007)

2) 10.9 percent (US

Census, 2006 estimate)

3) 5.7 percent (US Census,

2006 estimate)