by YES! Weekly staff

Welcome to the YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, where we ask politicians and public servants about their jobs. This week we address questions to members of the Guilford County School Board and candidates for the office. The rules are simple: no research, no callbacks.


How many students does the district serve? (1,000 margin of error allowed)

What percentage of the school system’s funding comes from local sources? (2 percent margin of error allowed)

What percentage of students are on free and reduced lunch? (1 percent margin of error allowed)

What percentage of students are minority or non-white? (1 percent margin of error allowed) Statewide?

Dot Kearns, at-large (lame duck)

At this point in time it’s probably in the area of 71,500 [correct ]

Local sources — in the area of 30 percent [correct ]

I believe this year system wide it’s about 52 percent. [X]

I think that is 52 percent. The bulk of those are African American, but it does include about 5 percent or better Asian and 6 to 7 percent Hispanic. [X]

Alan Duncan, chairman, District 4

72,000 [correct ]

There’s different ways of doing that. The most recent has been 33 percent. [ correct]

Last year it was 47 or 46. I think they adjusted it. [correct ]

The white population is 41 percent. That would be between 58 and 60 percent. [correct ]

Walter Childs III, District 1 (lame duck)

72,000 [ Approximately a third [ correct]

That one is about 25 percent if not more [X]

Somewhere around 50 percent, between 46 and 50 percent [X]

Mike Stone, candidate for District 3

71,000 [ correct]

I know the local funds are about 187 million. Forty-one percent: That doesn’t sound right. Total funding is like just under 600 million. Thirty-one percent. [correct ]

Probably closer to 50 — 49 percent [correct ]

I know that blacks and whites are basically the same at about 40 percent. That would mean that 60 percent are of [ethnicities] other than white. [correct]

Paul Daniels, candidate for District 5 (running unopposed)

Roughly 72,000 [correct]

Local sources…. About $187.2 million comes from the county. [ correct -]

We’re about 40 percent or so. [X]

That’s about the same: 40 percent or so, little bit more. [X]


1) The Guilford County Schools’ website reports that the system serves 71,176 students, but Lekan Oguntoyinbo of district relations pegs it at 72,000

2) 33.0 percent, if you’re only looking at the operating budget, and 30.3 percent, if you count capital outlay, school food services and the ACES program

3) 48.6 percent, according to figures posted on the district website, but Oguntoyinbo pegs it at 47 percent.

4) 59.6 percent, according to the district’s 2007-2008 annual report