by YES! Staff

Welcome to the YES! Weekly Pop Quiz,

where we ask politicians and public servants

about their jobs. This week we address

questions to members of Forsyth

County Commission. The rules are simple:

no research, no callbacks.


What’s on the agenda tonight (Nov. 10)?

True or false: The commission voted unanimously last month to appropriate federal Help America Vote Act funds to the Forsyth County Board of Elections for additional one-stop voting sites.

Name as many as you can of the committees to which the commission made appointments at its Oct. 27 meeting. vote?

Walter Marshall (D- District A)

We don’t have nothing major. We don’t have any real issues. Things are basically routine, just one or two zoning cases, appointments to boards, nothing really major. (correct)

True. (correct)

Let’s see, I don’t recall all those things. I know zoning, health board. Health board was biggest one. That was the only one we had any debate over. (X)

Debra Conrad (R- District B)

It’s a very short agenda. Probably the most significant item is some appointments to the airport commission. (correct)

True. (correct)

We had some of the nursing home committees that we made appointments to. Let’s see if I can remember them. You’re talking to a 56 year old here. I know we did quite a few. CenterPoint human services board, both the nursing home committees. That’s all I can remember. (correct)

Beaufort Bailey (D-District A)

The main thing is appointments. We have to reappoint the airport commission. (correct)

True. (correct)

I can’t name them exactly, but it’s about six or seven. (X)


A proposed ordinance governing the franchising of ambulance service, justice assistance grant, an interlocal agreement between Forsyth County and Davidson County for reimbursement of travel expenses arising from social work services in juvenile cases, publication of offers to purchase county-owned property, appointments to the airport commission, human resources reports, the tax assessor/collector’s refund report and some zoning cases.


The Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee, the Coalition for Drug Abuse, the Emergency Management Advisory Council, the Experiment in Self Reliance, the Forsyth Memorial Hospital Triad Region Board of Trustees, the Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee and the RegionaI Aging Advisory