by YES! Weekly staff


Welcome to the YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, where we asked politicians and public servants about their jobs. This week we asked members of the Winston-Salem City Council about resolutions passed during the council’s regular meeting on Nov. 17. The rules are simple: no research, no callbacks.

QUESTIONS 1) What was the total dollar amount of the contract awarded by city council to Mainline Contracting, Inc., for construction of West Clemmonsville Road Extension? 2) What contractor did the city council select to provide two new side-loading garbage trucks? What was the dollar amount of the contract? 3) What was the total dollar amount generated by the sale of Ernie Shore Stadium, which the council approved putting toward the Brookstown Project — the new downtown baseball stadium? Robert Clark, West Ward 1) I don’t know. [X] 2) I don’t know. [X] 3) $5.5 million [√] Dan Besse, Southwest Ward 1) I don’t know. [X] 2) I don’t know. [X] 3) I review all those items but don’t commit those to memory, but I would guess $6 million. [√-] Evelyn Terry, Southeast Ward 1) $3 million [X] 2) I don’t try to keep up with the names of the companies, but I would say $500,000. [X] 3) It started at $5 million; the original negotiations were at $5 million, so that’s what I would guess. [√-] ANSWERS 1) $4 million 2) Transource; $442,000 3) $5.5 million