by YES! Weekly staff

POP QUIZ Welcome to the YES! WeeklyPop Quiz, where we ask politiciansand public servants abouttheir jobs. This week we addressquestions to members of theGreensboro City Council. Therules are simple: no research, nocallbacks. Q U E S T I O N S

1 What two actions has City Manager Mitchell Johnson recommended be taken for capital spending from 2000 parks and recreation bonds funds allocated to Keeley Park in District 2?

2 What are some of the recommendations in the State of Human Relations report on which the council was briefed on Nov. 25?

3 Under what circumstances are city inspectors supposed to inspect the interior of rental properties, under the amended housing ordinance?

Sandra Anderson Groat, at-large

1. He suggested we not do it right now because of the maintenance. I don’t know the answer to the other one. [ -] 2. Classes to educate people, a task force of 50 people to look at that and see ways to make things better, to have a tenant education program, to have the Greensboro Police Department continue with sensitivity classes. That’s all I can think of. [ ] 3. If there’s been complaint. A complaint from the tenant, a complaint from the landlord should be investigated. Oh, if they have had a certain number of violations in a certain period of time. [ ]

Robbie Perkins, at-large 1. [Declined to participate] [X] 2. [Declined to participate] [X] 3. I don’t know. That’s for [staff] to keep up with. [X]

Goldie Wells, District 2

1. He suggested that we take that money and put it over to Barber Park to finish because they ran into some problems, and the reason we’re not going to go on with Keeley Park is because the maintenance [cost] is so high…. It would be added to the debt, so he didn’t think it would be good fiscal management. [ ]

2. That we would have more dialogue that we would look at addressing feelings that the uneducated and lower income people have a feeling that they’re being slighted in jobs, that they feel that they’re being mistreated. [ ]

3. If they see something on the outside and they can do something on the inside. There’s supposed to be training in each one of the districts. I think if they get complaints from, I don’t know whether it’s the people renting house? [ ]

A N S W E R S 1 City Manager Mitchell Johnson recommended that the project be delayed for one year, and$783,000 be transferred from Keeley Park to the Barber Park Recreation Center in District 1. 2 The State of Human Relations in Greensboro report recommends that the city address therole that poverty plays in discrimination; provide diversity training for police officers, cityemployees, educators and citizens; improve access to the human relations department for immigrants;address geographic disparities in amenities to citizens; and address negative perceptionsof city government through dialogue. 3 Inspectors are supposed to inspect the interior of rental properties following new construction,when requested by the owner, after a rental unit certificate of occupancy has beenrevoked, when a complaint is received, when the condition of the property’s exterior suggests aprobable violation of code inside the dwelling, when a unit has been before the Minimum HousingCommission in the previous year, when a unit has had one or more confirmed violations withintwo separate occasions within a six-month period within the previous year, and through a randomselection 2 percent sample of properties otherwise assumed to be in good condition.