Paige Cox, artist and designer

After more than a decade staying at home and working out of her studio there, Paige Cox began working fulltime in October as the in-house artist for Anthropologie in Greensboro designing the store’s visual displays. It was perfect timing as far as Cox is concerned, because Riley, 12, and Finn, 9, are old enough that they are more independent and she gets out of work as they are coming home from school. Cox, a fiber artist who graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design, created her design business Lulugroove from home and is still creating art independently, but not as much as before. She used to travel more for shows, and it is still easy to stumble across her work on display in Greensboro or Winston-Salem as well as more distant cities like Boston.

In some ways, she can already see herself and her husband Tim, who is a graphic designer and co-founder of Stir in Greensboro, in their kids. Riley is starting to discover fashion and says she wants to be an artist when she grows up, and considering how much time Finn spends playing with Legos, it’s no surprise he wants to be a Lego designer.

“It’s really fun to watch them grow and see where they’re going to go with it,” Cox said. “My favorite part of motherhood I guess is watching the kids become who they are.”

A door in the kitchen, decorated with the kids’ art, is just one of the ways their home reveals their family’s artistic ability, as is the mat Paige made by the sink.

While it may not be a surprise that Finn and Riley are interested in art and design work, Cox said she doesn’t try to push them in any direction, but instead lets them determine their interests and then helps them pursue them.

Paige and Tim expose their kids to many different aspects of their lives, taking them to concerts, protests and anything else they are involved in. Riley used to figure skate, which Cox said was kind of hilarious because Riley isn’t very “girly,” but now she mountain bikes and is getting more into art and volleyball. Finn has shown an interest in sports recently too, and is the first family member to try carrying a tune, joining a choral group.

Cox tries to avoid over-scheduling the kids to leave space for down time, an approach that she and Tim try to live by as well.

It’s exciting to have kids this age, she said, because when they were little she almost worried she’d break them. But now, she can talk to them and discuss various things.

“My most favorite thing about it right now is them maybe having an opinion that is different than mine and seeing why,” Cox said.