Perfect for Halloween

by Mark Burger

The Halloween vibe will certainlybe felt at the Carousel Luxury Cinemas(1305 Battleground Ave., Greensboro)this October, with writer/director TomSix’s controversial shocker The HumanCentipede showing this Friday and acouple of cultfriendlyfeaturesopeningthe week after.A hot ticketat this year’sRiverRunInternationalFilm Festivalin Winston-Salem, writer/director MichaelStephenson’s award-winning documentaryBest WorstMovie examinesthe legacy(such as it is) ofthe 1990 shockerTroll 2, a filmso (deservedly)reviled that ithas developeda cult followingamong badmoviemavensaround the world.Stephenson, who played the younghero in Troll 2, brings a welcome,knowing humor to this treatise oncinematic schlock, as he interviewsthose who made the film, includingdirector Claudio Fragasso and leadingman George Hardy, to those who haveembraced it as a guilty pleasure.Also opening that day is NobuhikoObayashi’s award-winning House(Hausu), a weird and wacky Japanesehaunted-house movie from 1977 that,not unlike Troll 2 (although it’s a bettermovie, to be sure) has spawned a ferventcult following.Best Worst Movie is scheduled toenjoy a week-long run at the theater,while House (Hausu) is scheduled to runonly on Oct. 22.As a matter offact, there’s aspecial screeningof Troll 2 currentlyscheduledfor Oct. 29.For advancetickets, showtimesor moreinformation, callthe theater at 336.230.1620 or check outthe official website: