Phillip Griffin

by Christian Bryant

Phillip Griffin

audiologist/musician/Tai Chi instructor

Phillip Griffin takes his hearing seriously. As an audiologist at the Hearing Clinic in Greensboro, he seeks to “help people who have hearing problems, imbalance, dizziness, or problems with ringing of the ears,” Griffin says. He specializes in audiological treatment, which involves no surgery and no medication. He notes that the two biggest causes of hearing loss are aging and noise induced and people must learn to retain their hearing abilities. Griffin’s varying interests also allow him to better serve his clients. As a musical aficionado, he is able to help musicians deal with specific issues regarding concepts that may be unfamiliar to non-musicians. “Whenever a musician comes in, they usually pair me up with them,” Griffin says with a laugh. To complete his trifecta of service, Griffin also teaches Tai Chi at the Greensboro Cultural Center. One of his aims is to reduce falling in the elderly. “It’s a community based intervention for balance,” he adds. “I really like the community service [and] health aspect of it all.” For more information regarding The Hearing Clinic, call 336.852.4095 or visit For a schedule of Griffin’s Tai Chi class, visit and search for “Tai Chi.”