Phillips leads the pack for District 3 replacement

by Ben Holder


EntertainmentOne of Greensboro’s favorite families is hosting a backyard house concert this Saturday at their lovely home located at 108 Cypress Street. If you enjoy live music in a very intimate and inviting atmosphere, you should definitely come out to the Hoggard’s. This is the second of a series of backyard concerts to be hosted by the Hoggards. The artist preforming is Caleb Caudle. You can sample his music here. The show starts at 8 pm and as always it’s bring your own chairs and drinks. To get in, please be prepared to make a donation of $10-$15 or $25 per family. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some great music with great people.Zack’s ReplacementAs many of us already knew, Zack Matheny has found his way toward the high paying job of CEO/President of Downtown Greensboro Inc. Zack is likely taking his new job next week and will immediately step down from his council position on June 16. The question now is who will the council pick to fill in for Zack on the council? Even though he was the first to drop his name in the hat, the familiar face of the infamous George Hartzman will not be seen on the council dais. The heavy favorite among insiders to fill Zack’s shoes is former councilman Tom Phillips who served on Greensboro City Council from 1989-1993, 1999-2007 (District 3, 1989-1993, 2005-2007; at large, 1999-2005). Phillips is a well-liked, conservative minded financial advisor and many think he is the perfect fit for Zack’s replacement. Look for Phillips to be named as the District 2 representative at the next city council meeting. Cyndy HayworthAs soon as Matheny zeroed in as the next CEO for DGI, interim DGI President Cyndy Hayworth went on the offensive. I am sure most remember when Hayworth went to the News and Record and said she was being forced to hire Zack before she began a secret campaign to keep the DGI President’s job. Unfortunately for Hayworth, Matheny needed a job more than Hayworth and the council made sure he got it. Now, Hayworth is sending her resume out to several local foundations because her days at DGI are numbered. Look for Hayworth to announce she is resigning from DGI before the end of July. Coming Next Week!

With schools getting out soon and summer rapidly approaching, YES! Weekly is taking a close look at the crime rate in our schools. Next week, we will break down the number of 911 calls and arrests made at Guilford County Schools during the past school year.