Photos: Beats Antique at Haw River Ballroom, 9/29/15

by Britt Chester

“Saxapaha? Sa-xa-pa-haw?” David Satori inquired to the nearly packed room at the Haw River Ballroom. “When I point at you, you scream.” This was halfway through the show last night and the room was more than willing to accommodate the Beats Antique multi-instrumentalist. As directed, the crowd screamed in unison and the show moved forward. The Creature Carnival is a sight to behold and an experience begging to be seen. When it comes to town, you don’t miss it.

Drummer Tommy Cappel, aka Sidecar tommy.

Zoe Jakes in the first of several solo routines.

David Satori between crown announcements and attempts at pronouncing Saxapahaw. Sa-xuh-puh-haw. I think. I think I heard an old timer just say “Sax-paw.”


The League of Extraordinary Belly Dancers from Raleigh. They did a Star Wars “Imperial March/Cantina Band” mashup. The nerd in me all of us loved it.

The League of Extraordinary Belly Dancers from Raleigh.


Moon Hooch puts the funk in your junk. And doesn’t stop. Seriously, circular breathing, it’s real.