Picked a bad week to be a Democrat

by Ogi Overman

The last week of September was a bad week to be a Democrat. No, let me rescind that – it was a bad week to be an American.

The republic took a hit last week, and it came at the hands of my Democratic brethren. Not only am I ashamed and embarrassed, I’m fearful that we’re going to figure out a way to blow yet another election. Already we’re playing not to lose rather than playing to win, and in so doing, playing right into the hands of the Duh and the Neocon cabal. By saying the things that they think will get them elected, rather than having the courage to do and say the things necessary to end the war on Iraq, they may well have set the table for another invasion. And if we can’t secure Baghdad, imagine the carnage that will ensue in Iran if the Duhcider gets his way.

But first, the week that wasn’t started off most cowardly when the Senate voted 72-25 and the House 341-79 to condemn the now-famous Petraeus/Betray Us ad. Now, if anyone bothered to actually read the copy in the ad, it’s rather tame compared to what I would have said about Petraeus allowing the Duh to use him as his shill and hide behind his skirt. Nowhere does it cast aspersions on his laudable military career or say anything more inflammatory than that he “is a military man constantly at war with the facts.” The Senate resolution was merely another capitulation to the chickenhawks who are driving the war – a diversionary tactic, another way to play the patriot card that casts anyone in opposition as a traitor. And the majority of Dems in both houses fell for it.

Then, after a bill introduced by my hero Russ Feingold and Harry Reid, who means well, to cut off funding for the war could muster a paltry 28 Senate votes, rookie Jim Webb of Virginia introduced a measure that would have required troops be given as much time at home as they’d spent overseas before being redeployed – and they couldn’t even get that passed. No funding limits, no timetables, no nothing except a decent period of R&R, and it still fell four votes short of the 60 needed to stymie the GOP filibuster. So this is how the Republicans and Lieberman support the troops, eh?

While you can hardly blame the Dems for that one, the three leading candidates for president went into full retreat at last week’s debate. Neither Clinton, Obama or Edwards would commit to saying that they could guarantee a complete withdrawal from Iraq by the end of their term. That’s 2013, brothers and sisters, which will put our immoral occupation of that sovereign nation at 10 long years. My God, we could fund universal health care with what it costs to conduct five months of war in Iraq.

Then, just when you think the loyal opposition couldn’t get any more spineless, they did. In their most grievous act of cowardice since assuming the majority, all but 19 of them voted in support of a resolution (sponsored by, who else, Lieberman) to label the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization. Obviously it was meant as a non-binding statement of condemnation directed toward President Unpronounceablebybush the day after he left the US, but this gives Bush all the authority he needs – in his demented mind and state of megalomania – to use whatever force he deems necessary to fight the “Global War on Terror.”

It numbs the mind to attempt to understand how the Dems could have flung open the door for yet another invasion based on flimsy or contrived intelligence. How are the bells not going off here? I feel like it’s 2002 all over again as Bush ramps up the case for another preventive war. And the lapdog Dems fell for it again. Sickeningly, the lead dog, Hillary, repeated her mistake of allowing Bush token authority to invade Iraq by voting with the majority. Did she learn nothing from having to endlessly defend her vote in ’02? This is a classic case of Einstein’s definition of insanity: repeating the same mistake over and over and expecting the results to be different.

So, to whom do we turn now to extricate ourselves from the madness? While it’s too late to form a third party now, if by some miracle the Dems manage not to blow it in ’08, we need to start talking about a multi-party system and a parliamentary democracy that allows votes of no-confidence that would force the ruling party to step down. If we had that form of government now, even the lame Democrats could’ve sent Bush packing by now.

Seriously, it’s time to have that debate. Assuming, of course, Bush hasn’t anointed himself dictator and invaded all the countries with leaders whose names he can’t pronounce.

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