Places To Take Your Kids That Will Not Break The Bank

by Lee Adams

There’s nothing I like more than eating out. Someone else does the cooking, they serve me, keep my glass full and clean up after me. The part I don’t like is the check at the end. The price of eating out seems to be in a race with rising gas prices.

According to a National Restaurant Association report for the year 2000, Americans consume 4.2 meals per week in a commercial setting ( With work commutes, traffic, daily job stressors and the time it takes to prepare a meal at home it’s no wonder we eat out so much. Not to mention that stopping at the store to pick up a few items is not as easy as it used to be.

Nowadays you have to have a ‘bonus’ or ‘savings’ card of some sort for almost every major grocery store to get the ‘special’ price. Nine times out of ten I stop at the wrong store or don’t have my card for some reason, so now I have to fill out another form just to buy a head of lettuce for .99 instead of three friggin’ dollars.

The hassle alone is enough to make anyone give up and say ‘let’s just go out’. If I am fortunate enough to make it through the line it never seems to fail that I don’t make it home until about eight o’clock. Now we’re all hungry and we have to wait another hour for dinner to cook, my wife has eaten a dozen biscuits to curb her appetite, my daughter has scarfed down a banana sandwich and nobody’s hungry anymore. The food goes in the fridge ‘— maybe we’ll eat ‘leftovers’ together as a family tomorrow night ‘— and I myself give up and retreat to a bowl of ice cream or bag of popcorn.

Yet I digest ‘— uh, digress. If you are planning to go out as a family we here at ***YES!*** have done a little research to help out the wallet (we can’t do anything about all those plastic food cards, though). We’ve compiled a list of places where kids can eat free, or at least at a heck of a discount. So the next time you find yourself in a ‘crunch’ try out one of these kid friendly places:

Ham’s Restaurants, various locations ‘— Mondays ‘— .99 Kids Menu

Boston Market, 5615 W. Friendly Ave, ‘— Tuesdays ‘— Kids Eat Free

Bear Rock Café, 705 Friendly Center Rd. and 1216 Bridford Pkwy. ‘— Sundays 5-8p.m. ‘— Kids Eat Free

Golden Corral, various locations ‘— Kids under two eat free

Schlotsky’s Deli, 5406 Sapp Rd., ‘— Wednesdays ‘— .99 Kids Menu

Big B’s Que Shack, 3915 Battleground Rd. ‘— Wednesdays ‘— Kids Eat Free

Hooters, 3030 High Point Rd. ‘— Sundays ‘— Kids Eat Free

McPherson’s Bar and Grill, 5710 High Point Rd., ‘— Wednesdays ‘— Kids Eat Free

Moe’s Southwest Grill, 4211 W. Wendover Ave., ‘— Tuesdays 5-9p.m. ‘— .99 Kids Menu

J Butler’s Bar and Grill, 1635 New Garden Rd., ‘— Tuesdays ‘— Kids Eat Free with Adult

Pieworks, 3700 Lawndale Dr., ‘— Mondays 5-9p.m. ‘— Kids Eat Free (with Adult)

O’Charley’s, 4505 Landover Rd., ‘— Every Night ‘— Kids Eat Free (Two per paying adult with entrée)

Denny’s, 3900 S. Holden Rd., ‘— Tuesday and Saturday after 4p.m. ‘— Kids Eat Free

(Call restaurants for details)