Plans for Winston-Salem Skatepark in the works

by Daniel Schere

Plans for a permanent skatepark in Winston-Salem appear tobe in the works says Assistant City Manager Evan Raleigh.

Raleigh said that the skatepark is part of a master plan forthe fairgrounds and the city is currently hashing out the details with aconsulting firm. He thinks the existing infrastructure on the fairgrounds sitemakes this location ideal.

“It’s a nice central location, there’s obviously sufficientparking, there are a lot of amenities that if you locate a skatepark there thatyou don’t have to provide if you go with an undeveloped site somewhere else,”he said.

Raleigh said he was not sure what the cost of the project butthey will get a report from the consulting firm in a couple months. Heanticipates it will be affordable to the city.

“That (cost) would vary considerably based on the size ofthe park and what kind of amenities you want to put in the park,” he said. “Ithink it’s too early to be able know what the budget for the park will bebecause it’s contingent on the types of features that you have.”

Skateboarding in Winston-Salem has become more visible overthe past couple of years due to petitions from the skateboarding community tobuild a park. Last summer, the city operated a temporary skatepark at the fairgrounds,which was relatively successful. In the fall, tenants in the Wake ForestInnovation Quarter complained about skateboarders grinding on railings andbenches and leaving skid marks behind. Raleigh said he hopes a permanentskatepark will ultimately encourage skateboarders on the street to come to thecity’s facility.