Pop Quiz

Name one agenda item from tomorrow’s BOE meeting. Name three of the five values of the board. On Dec. 20 the board voted to move students from which two elementary schools to Colfax Elementary next school year to ease crowding?

Chairman Alan Duncan, District 4

I can name pretty much all the items. We have a staff report on the STEM early college at NC A&T. [ ] To graduate productive citizens who can succeed in higher education or in a career. (mission statement not values) [ -] Pearce Elementary and Southwest Elementary. [ ]

Ed Price, District 2

There’s a staff report on Northwest and Grimsley construction projects. [ ] Pearce and Southwest. [ ]

Nancy Routh, at large

There are construction updates and reports. [ ] Diversity, equality, excellence. I’m not sure of the exact wording on the website. [ -] From Southwest and Pearce. [ ] Diversity, equality, character [ -]

Correct Answers

Diversity, empathy, integrity, equality and innovativeness. Pearce and Southwest Elementary Schools.