Pop Quiz!

Welcome to the YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, where we ask politicians and public servants questions about their jobs. This week we find out which members of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School Board have been doing their homework this summer. The rules are simple: School board members must answer immediately — no research, no callbacks.


1)    Which high school has Forsyth County’s lowest graduation rate? 2)    What outdoor education program are school officials thinking about adding to dropout prevention efforts at Carver and Atkins high schools, according to the Winston-Salem Journal? 3)    How many Winston-Salem/Forsyth County schools made Adequate Yearly Progress last year? 4)    When is the first day of school for students?

Jane D. Goins, vice-chairwoman

1)    I can’t tell you definitely. I’d rather not guess. (X) 2)    I haven’t read the paper in two or three weeks so I don’t know. (X) 3)    We were in the high seventies, I think. (X) 4)    Oh, let me think. What’s the Monday? Is it Aug. 23? (X)

Geneva B. Brown

1)    Let me think… it’s probably Carver. (X) 2)    They’ve talked about a couple of things, and one of the big things they talked about was letting high school kids go to Forsyth Tech. That was one of the big things. (X) 3)    I’d have to look that up. (X) 4)    Aug. 25 (√)

Victor Johnson, Jr.

1)    I think that would be Carver. (X) 2)    Outward Bound (√) 3)    I don’t know whether it was 31 or 24 (X) 4)    Aug. 25 (√)


1)    Parkland High School 2)    Outward Bound 3)    18 out of 75 4)    Aug. 25