Pop Quiz

by YES! Weekly staff

Pop Quiz

Welcome to the YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, where we ask politicians and public servants about their jobs. This week we ask candidates for High Point City Council — sitting members and aspirants alike — some basic questions about the job for which they are applying. The rules are simple: no research, no callbacks.


True or false:
1) High Point’s tax rate is significantly
lower than Greensboro’s, that is, exceeding 1
cent in difference.

2) North Carolina’s annexation statute
requires a majority of affected residents to
vote in favor of being annexed into a nearby city.

3) High Point native Fantasia placed second
in the third season of Fox’s “American

Latimer Alexander, at-large candidate (incumbent) 1) Our tax rate is 63.3 cents per hundred
dollars. I have no idea what Greensboro’s
tax rate is. I’m sorry. I do know that ours is lower.

2) No, false. (√)

3) No, she won it. (√)

Jim Corey, candidate for Ward 6

1) Yeah. (X)

2) No it isn’t the law. There was somebody
that wanted to annex somebody and they
just went ahead and did it. (√)

3) I think she placed first. (√)

Michael Pugh, candidate for Ward 3 (incumbent, unopposed) 1) It is not significantly lower. (√)

2) The annexation law has been before the
legislature. No, it doesn’t require a majority of the people. A municipality can do a forced
annexation. (√)

3) She won “American Idol.” I don’t
remember what year it was. (√)

Foster Douglas, candidate for Ward 2 (open seat)

1) I need a little more information on that.
I don’t want to guess. (X)

2) That’s another one I need more information
because I’m not aware of what the
statutes are. (X)

3) I thought she won. (√)

John Faircloth, candidate for Ward 6 (currently seated at large) 1) False (√)

2) False (√)

3) Let’s see: I believe Fanstasia won. (√)

A N S W E R S 1) False. The tax rate in High Point is 1.37040, compared to 1.37240 in Greensboro. 2) False. The state’s annexation statute requires only that a majority of the municipality’s governing board vote in favor of annexation. 3) False. Fantasia won.