Pop Quiz


Welcome to the YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, where we ask politicians and public servants questions about their jobs. This week we called the mayor of High Point and three city council members. The rules are simple: The candidate must answer immediately – no research, no callbacks.


1) What percentage does total general debt service comprise of the city of High Point’s proposed 2008-2009 budget?

2) What share of High Point households cannot afford to purchase or rent what the city manager describes as “even a modest dwelling” in the city?

3) By what percentage has the city reduced violent crime in the past 10 years?

Rebecca Smothers (mayor)

1) Gosh, I certainly wouldn’t know. We adopted our budget three weeks ago.

2) It’s double digits and of course it’s more pronounced in certain Census tracts. We have some Census tracts that it’s as much as probably half. I don’t remember what Strib said. I don’t recall.

3) I want to say it’s like 13 percent.

Latimer Alexander


1) You know, I’m sorry I cannot give you an exact percentage.

2) I can’t tell you exactly. I don’t know.

3) I know that it has been reduced. Again, I’d have to go look at the budget.

John Faircloth


1) You’re going to cause me to consult the budget. I’m not going to answer those kinds of questions.

2) (Declined to respond)

3) (Declined to respond)

Michael D. Pugh

(Ward 3)

1) (Declined to respond)

2) Those are questions that I just don’t keep in front of me. I don’t want to be off a percent or two.

3) Jesus, Lord, that’s up for debate. To be fair to me and to you – I need to…


1) 3.4 percent

2) 49 percent

3) 35.3 percent