Pop Quiz


Welcome to the YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, where we ask politicians and public servants questions about their jobs. This week we asked members of both the state Senate and House questions about the latest state budget. The rules are simple: The candidate must answer immediately – no research, no callbacks.


1) How much is the state budget approved by the house and senate on July 8?

2) How much does the state borrow in this budget?

3) Name at least two Triad institutions or projects that will receive funding from capital appropriations in the 2008-2009 budget?

Rep. Maggie Jeffus


1) 21. billion. (√)

2) I think your talking about the capital projects. I think it’s about $870 million, in that neighborhood. (√-)

3) That’s easy. The nanotechnology center [Millennium Campus] will get $1.5 million for operating and $1.5 million for equipment. UNCG, they have another program in there the data center which they are trying to collaborating on with A&T. They get $1.8 million. A&T is getting $2 million for their engineering school. I know there’s some in Forsyth for the School of the Arts, the film school, they’re getting some storage building. The film school, I think, is around $12 million and the storage building is around $11 million. Winston-Salem State is getting something. (√+)

Rep. Pricey Harrison


1) I think it’s 21.3 billion. (√)

2) I think there’s something like $857 million in COPS. For prison beds, and university and state buildings. I think there’s two new prisons and several university projects. (√)

3) Let me think. I think A&T gets money and UNCG gets money. I don’t know that I know the amounts. The school of nanotechnology [Millennium Campus] got funding. UNCG had been looking for a new classroom building. A&T got money for its college of engineering. The school of engineering got $2 million. UNCG got money for its ‘A+ schools’ program. That was Maggie Jeffus’ doing. (√)

Sen. Peter Brunstetter (R-Forsyth)

1) $21.4 billion, roughly. (√)

2) About $878 million of potential COPS allocated. There’s some two-thirds bonds, which don’t require a vote. I think that may be included in there. (√-)

3) Winston-Salem State is going to be able to finish their student facility. The School of the Arts had a request for a film storage facility, which they’re going to get. (√)


1) $21.4 billion

2) $857 million

3) The Millennium Campus in Greensboro, science and office building and student activity center at Winston-Salem State University, general classroom building and horse barns at NC A&T University, central storage facility and film school production design facility at the NC School of the Arts, and academic classroom and office building at UNCG