Pop quiz

Welcome to this week’s YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, where we ask elected officials about their jobs. This week’s questions are directed to members of the Winston-Salem City Council. The rules are simple: No research, no callbacks.


1.What is the unemployment rate for Winston-Salem? 2. Name one thing on the agenda for Monday’s council meeting. 3. What issue do your constituents contact you about the most?

Robert Clark, West Ward 1. I’m going to guess 9.8 percent. [ ] 2. We have a second vote on a zoning request in my ward. [ ] 3. It varies. Lately I’ve been getting several calls on trash pick up because we changed

Derwin Montgomery. East Ward 1. 9 percent or 8 percent. [ ] 2. A rezoning case in the West Ward and another on MLK. [ ] 3. Housing issues. [ ]

James Taylor, Southeast Ward 1. I don’t quite recall. Around 10 percent. [ ] 2. Recommendations for appointments and reappointments. [ ] 3. The Waughtown post office closing. [ ]

Correct Answers

1. 10 percent as of June 2. Multiple correct answers 3. Multiple correct answers it. Sanitation in general. [ ]